About Us

Vision, Mission, Core Values


“To Improve The Overall Health Status And Reduce Inequalities In Health Outcomes Of People Living In And Around Bantama Metropolis”.

Mission Statement

“To Work In Collaboration With All Partners In The Health Sector To Ensure That Every Individual, Household And Community In Bantama Sub-Metro And Its Environs Is Adequately Informed About Health And Has Equitable Access To High Quality Health And Related Interventions”

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why choose Us

Our doctors are topnotch trained, experienced and the very best available in the medical field, with a niche carved out of passion, professionalism, touch of creativity in service delivery and going the extra mile in caring for the medical needs of our patients whiles upholding their secret oath of service to the sick. Our doctors are up to speed with modern and prevailing trends, uphold and systematical inculcating best practices accepted by the world’s recognized health bodies.
The staffs which augment our health delivery in all departments are well trained and skilled in their various fields observe highest ethical code of conducts for the profession whiles exhibiting highest level of decorum ensuring that every patient get value for money and above all derive maximum satisfaction on their maiden or regular visits to the hospital. Our staffs are self-motivated whiles attending to all manner of health needs as presented by patients.

Our Service

24/7 Live Support

We put our customer satisfaction first. It is important for us always to be available with efficient and prompt customer service all round with the live support initiative. Click on "Live Chat" button and you will be immediately connected to one of our online medical officers who will aid with vital information relevant to your pressing health needs without time waiting. Our email support system also answers all questions posed within 24 hours.

Patient Confidentiality

Suntreso Government Hospital takes patient confidentiality very seriously. Your health documentations and medical reports are kept under very strict security, only accessible to the specific team of medical professionals taking care of you and are not shared with anyone unless the need arises or on the bases of you giving permission, we can pride ourselves in upholding the confidentiality of our patients.