The department involves the medical care of sick newborns, infants, children, and adolescents.

The Paediatric department initially started with Mother Baby Unit in 2009 with funding support from the Alliance for global Good and MARSHAV through the Millennium Cities Initiative (MCI).Currently the department has 28 nurses, one physician assistant and two paediatricians.

In 2014, paediatric ward and outpatients services were added and made a complete department. The facility serves the people in the Bantama Sub-metro and beyond with over half a million population.

Annually, the department provides inpatients and outpatients services closely to 2500 cases and 16,000 cases respectively.

The department is made up of the following units;

  • Mother and Baby Unit (MBU)
  • Pediatric ward
  • Accident and Emergency
  • Adolescent clinic
  • School health
  • KMC Clinic
  • Paediatric HIV Clinic
  • Consulting room (general paediatric outpatients)

The MBU has a bed capacity of 16 and 10 baby cots.

In Ghana Health Facilities, Suntreso MBU is known to have the highest number of admissions with referrals from public and private hospitals, maternity homes and health centres in and around the Bantama Sub-metro within the region. The top causes of admissions are Neonatal sepsis, NNJ (Neonatal Jaundice), LBW (Low Birth Weight), Asphyxia and among others.

The paediatric ward has a bed capacity of 6 beds and 11 cots. Infectious diseases, severe anaemia and sickle cell diseases are commonest causes of admission in the ward.

Department Doctors