24/7 Emergency Care

24/7 Emergency Care

Emergencies are unpredictable and inevitable, as such all and every necessary preparations are put in place to meet the core values set out by the hospital in its mandate of health delivery. In most emergency situations, timing readiness to remedy situations are of grave importance.

The Emergency and Acute Care Service Line at Suntreso Government Hospital runs 24/7 medical services and accepts all types of emergencies. We are aimed at providing comprehensive and professional oriented emergency medical service that is appropriate to accepted medical procedures needed in stabilizing and saving lives as our paramount mission.

Patients can visit our Urgent Care Services for the treatment of injuries or illnesses requiring immediate attention and care, but not serious enough to require a visit to the main emergency. Patients can be rest assured that our emergency rooms are equipped with the necessary state of art equipment in health delivery.

All our Emergency Department (ED) consultants are highly trained, passionate and are credentialed by the appropriate authorities to practice in Emergency situations. Our Senior Medical Officer doctors have clinical experience with demonstrated abilities and skill to handle emergencies of various magnitudes.

The 24/7 Emergency care at Suntreso Government Hospital offers multiple specialties all under one roof, able doctors from different services to work seamlessly together with an awesome telepathy in offering a multidisciplinary health approach resulting in an effective continuum of health care. Patients who require additional consultation from other specialists are then arranged and attended to.