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    Life can be better
    No matter what your age, you have the power to change
    many of the variables that influence how long you live,
    and how active and vital you feel in your later years.
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    Theater Department
    All our staff and healthcare providers at the theater department are highly qualified with
    distinguished skills and competencies to provide the best medical services according to the
    best practice guidelines.
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    Dental Care
    The Dental departments are well equipped to carry out clinical procedures
    such as surgical Dental Extractions (simple/Complex), minor surgical
    procedures, like gingirectomy excision of simple tumors, ...
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    We have dedicated staff providing all services to the highest professional
    standards also in a caring and personal fashion that will make our patients
    experience a comfortable, reassuring and supportive one...

24/7 Emergency Care

Our emergency unit is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipments that enable the healthcare providers to receive all types of accidents and injuries in addition to all urgent/emergent medical cases in all disciplines. All our staff and healthcare providers at the...

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Visiting Hours

Strict adherence to the time schedules should be observed. Thank you

  • Morning
    6:00 am - 8:00 am
  • Afternoon
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
  • Evening
    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Eye Care

Your eyes are an important part of your health. Most people rely on their eyes to see and make sense of the world around them. But some eye diseases can lead to vision loss, so it is important to identify and treat eye diseases as early as possible...

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Welcome to SGH Official Website


I hope that this website gives you a comprehensive overview and understanding of what our core mandate as a hospital is, in offering medical services to patients and the larger community. I am proud to be heading and also working for this institution, from my experience I testify without any doubt that we are one of the few medical facilities in the region and the country as a whole which offers the best medical services.

Besides medical technology and its related fields which is at the highest level, I can confidently attest of the finest doctors, nurses, midwives and technicians in our hospital and their incessant and unrelenting passion to help patient. From our busiest and highly performing Emergency units to all the other Departments, there are specialist who are ever ready and will strive to apply best medical procedures, uphold accepted ethical practices as well as inculcating new, tested and proven standards in quality health delivery.

We offer all the essential medical services “under one roof”, thus making it an incredible advantage for our patients. What brings me each day, is the passion, urgency and the dedication our current crop of doctors and staff have for their work and a true desire to care for you. Suntreso Hospital is a government hospital, focused on the delivering highest quality health care in Kumasi and its immediate environs for over 55 years, since 1963... Read more

Dr. Thomas Agyarko-Poku
Medical Superintendent

Your Health is Our Outmost Concern

Children Ward
Eye Clinic
Public Health
Dental Clinic

Successful Birth Rate Cases


Latest News & Articles

Party Held for Retirees

On 28th Dec, 2017 the management and staff of the Suntreso Government hospital organised a send-off party for 34 retirees of different departments who have in various capacities served the facility in no small measure. The party was organised at the officer’s mess in Kumasi.

The management of the hospital invited the regional and metro health directorate managements to grace the occasion. They both took turns in speeches to encourage the current staff to work hard and emulate the untiring effort and passion the retirees had for their job...


Erectile Dysfunction

By: Dr. Thomas Agyarko - Poku

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a crippling problem for millions of men. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection of sufficient rigidity and duration to allow for satisfactory vaginal intercourse. The initiation and maintenance of erection is a complex interplay of vascular, neural, hormonal and psychological factors. A problem involving any or all of these components can cause impotence. Erectile dysfunction can affect men of all ages; but its incidence increases with age. An estimated 1.9% of all 40 year old men are impotent, compared to 25% of all 65-year-old men. These figures include both organic and psychogenic impotence.

While the incidence of erectile dysfunction has remained relatively constant, therapeutic advances and greater public awareness of the problem has increased the number of men seeking treatment. During the past 20 years, through numerous advances in our understanding of the basic pathophysiology of impotence, a new era in the diagnosis and treatment of impotence has dawned. Improved diagnostic procedures and effective medical and surgical therapy are now available...

Creative Doctors

Our doctors are topnotch trained, experienced and the very best available in the medical field, with a niche carved out of passion, professionalism, touch of creativity in service delivery and going the extra mile in caring for the medical needs of our patients whiles upholding their secret oath of service to the sick. Our doctors are up to speed with modern and prevailing trends, uphold and systematical inculcating best practices accepted by the world’s recognized health bodies.

24/7 Live Support

We put our customer satisfaction first. It is important for us always to be available with efficient and prompt customer service all round with the live support initiative. Click on "Live Chat" button and you will be immediately connected to one of our online medical officers who will aid with vital information relevant to your pressing health needs without time waiting. Our email support system also answers all questions posed within 24 hours.

Experienced Staff

The staffs which augment our health delivery in all departments are well trained and skilled in their various fields observe highest ethical code of conducts for the profession whiles exhibiting highest level of decorum ensuring that every patient get value for money and above all derive maximum satisfaction on their maiden or regular visits to the hospital. Our staffs are self-motivated whiles attending to all manner of health needs as presented by patients.

Patient Confidentiality

Suntreso Government Hospital takes patient confidentiality very seriously. Your health documentations and medical reports are kept under very strict security, only accessible to the specific team of medical professionals taking care of you and are not shared with anyone unless the need arises or on the bases of you giving permission, we can pride ourselves in upholding the confidentiality of our patients.

About Suntreso Gov't Hosp

Quality healthcare Facilities and Dedicated Staff

Our Staff
Medical Doctors

Health Articles

Our Departments

This department is concerned with diseases and conditions requiring or amenable to operative or manual procedures. It principally involves treatments of bodily injuries or disorders by incisions or manipulation especially with instruments... Read More
The department is well equipped to carry out clinical procedures such as Surgical Dental Extractions (Simple/Complex), minor surgical procedures, like Gingirectomy Excision of simple tumors, Restorative procedures like Dental Fillings (Assorted) and Root Canal Treatment. Read More
This department provides health related diagnostic services that are crucial to doctors and patients, supporting accurate and timely diagnosis and informing appropriate treatment decisions for better healthcare and improved clinical outcomes. Read More
The department involves the medical care of sick newborns, infants, children, and adolescents. Read More
The department has the core mandate of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society.
The overall vision is to promote greater health and well-being in a sustainable way, while strengthening integrated public health services and reducing inequalities. Read More
Eye care departement provides services such as Comprehensive eye examinations, Refraction services, Vision therapy, Pre and post-surgical services, Outreach services, Glaucoma co-management, Minor eye procedures, Medical examinations, Provision of lenses etc. Read More
The department of Medicine is the physician specialist department of the Suntreso Government Hospital which renders medical and consultancy service as well as offer training and conduct research. Read More

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