Ward is situated in the General Block directly opposite to the male’s ward with the children’s ward right on top.

Staff strength:

Principal Nursing Officer (1), Nursing Officer (1), Senior Staff Nurse (3), Staff Nurse (6), Enrolled Nurse (5), Principal Health Care Assistance (1).

Mode of Service Delivery:

Clinical and General Nursing

Type of Services:

General Medicine

Working Days & Time:

Monday – Sundays (24/7)

Brief Background:

It receives between 120 - 180 and 1440 - 2160 monthly and annually respectively. It is a 15-bed capacity with one-emergency and staff beds. This unit receivesmedical internal transfers from other similar units and transfer out medical cases to units of the same hospital.

The unit facilitates referrals of medical cases outside their jurisdiction to bigger facility either on diagnostic purpose, in further treatment or both.

The units operate by using evidence-based practices and is very much up to speed on current nursing care process and procedures for proper care delivery.

Furthermore, the unit does follow-ups on selected medical cases of patients which requires intense monitoring after discharge.

Clinical Activities:
  • Education / Research
  • Collegiality
  • Resource Utilization
  • Effective Communication

Unit Staff list