Brief Background:

The Psychiatry Unit is one of many units at the Suntreso Government Hospital that plays it specific and well define role in the overall health delivery at the facility. It was established in the 2014 on the backbone of rendering comprehensive psychiatric services to potential patients of treating various degrees of psychiatric conditions needing it within the Bantama sub metro, its environs and even beyond. Four psychiatric nurses were the staff strength that brought the unit alive, with the aim of providing designated psychiatric service as the point of call before referral in extreme.

We undertake follow-ups on all our patients after discharge to ensure effective treatment and management of psychiatric conditions, notwithstanding we educate them and their families on how to cater as in the prompt taking of medications, regular reviews, expression of love, acceptance and counselling against stigmatization and preventing instances that may induce such psychiatric conditions.

Lastly, we refer cases that needs further management to other advanced affiliates and also receive referral cases from various psychiatric units in the Ashanti Region and the three major psychiatric Hospitals in the country.

Clinical Activities:
  • Consulting
  • Counseling
  • Diagnosing
  • Reviews
  • Psychiatry
  • Epileptic Emergencies
Community Services:
  • Home Visits
  • Outreaches
  • House Tracing
  • Tracing of Defaulters
  • Case Search
  • Health education in schools, churches, mosque and information centers

Room in main STI Block

Working Days & (Time):

Monday - Friday (8am - 2pm)

Psychiatry FAQ’S

it’s a chronic disease and it’s managed just like other chronic disease like hypertension and diabetes, however the drug can be reduced after two years if you adhere to treatment regimen and no history of relapse.
Yes it’s true however we also manage it as well with exercise and appropriate referral to specialist when necessary
No it’s not contagious. Mental illness has to do with the mind and it’s not like hepatitis which may be infected through body contact.
Yes but may come due to triggering factors such as accident, abusing drug, stress etc.
To know the extent and how client is responding to treatment

Unit Staff list